How to Delete an Instructable

Introduction: How to Delete an Instructable

This is for computer only. I made this instructable because nobody knew how to delete an instructable, and i recently found out! So here it is!!!



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    How to just select edit and delete my acount

    There is a delete function on Instructables. Just select "Edit instructable." The 2nd icon from left, top, is an arrow facing downwards. Select it, to open pull down menu. There is a function marked Delete.


    2 years ago

    Thanks, this helped alot

    Thanks for this. I am really frustrated because I get emails from instructables and yet when I click on the links to the site projects, I am not signed in so I can't comment or ask questions. I try to sign in but it won't log me in when I go to the site using that email link. Then if I click on the instructables logo to go to the home page I am logged in. But then if I search for a project I am suddenly not logged in. I guess I
    have to delete this account and start a new one. It sucks because I have
    favorites and discussions I'd like to keep but I need to be able to be
    logged in to use the site properly. So frustrated.

    I tried to get them to send me a password change code but when I click the link in email it just goes to the main page not to a password reset. Funny thing is the password reset link takes me to a page where I am logged in!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I try to set a new password in settings it doesn't let me use the temporary code to do this Arggggggg!

    HAHA... I've been trying to delete my drafts forever. I just gave up. Thanks :)

    Thanks for sharing this! There is also another way. When you look at your 5th image you see the Instructable editor. You can see it says "More" with an arrow pointing down. If you click that, you get other options including Delete.