How to Design Your Duct Tape Wallet

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Intro: How to Design Your Duct Tape Wallet

Okay. I made another instructable on "how to make a duct tape wallet" (you should check it out) and in that instructable I said I'll make another instructable on how to design it. So here it is! Hope you enjoy.

Step 1: The Design

The design is pretty easy. All you need will be the following,

1)Your duct tape wallet
2)A printed out picture of whatever you want your design to be
4)clear tape

Step 2: The Design

Ok what your gonna do is get the design you printed out and cut it out. And make sure it's not too big. So like the design i printed out (the flash logo) is too big so I'm only gonna cut out the circle with lightning. If you can't do something like this with your design or you don't want to just print it out smaller.

Step 3: The Design

To put the design on your wallet your gonna have to use clear tape. So what your gonna do is put the design you cut out and place it on the front of your wallet. Then get your clear tape and tape the design on to the front of your wallet.

Step 4: The Catch

Why you'll need for the button is the following,

1)duct tape
2)scissors (if you need them)
3)your duct tape wallet

Step 5: The Catch

This part is pretty easy. What you're going to need to do is tear off enough duct tape to fit around the edge of your wallet as a catch. Then take that piece and fold it up once. Making pretty much half a strip of duct tape except thicker. Then get another small piece of duct tape and fold it up a couple times making a sticky little square. Then stick it on to the other piece we made. Then tear off a piece of duct tape the length of the side of your wallet (preferably the main colour of your wallet to blend in with the rest of your wallet) and stick the button part right in the middle. Then stick it on the back of your wallet and you have a catch for your wallet!

Step 6: Finishing It Off

So that's pretty much how to design your wallet. But if you want to you could make a frame out of another colour of duct tape or something. So that's that thanks for reading and like comment and follow. Thanks;)



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