How to Design a PCB (Step by Step & Pictorial Views)

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PCB Designing In Ares Capture Proteus.
Software Introduction: Software which we are going to use in this tutorial is Labcenter electronics release most commonly known as ARES PCB. This is fully professional software. its student version is also available to download free but with limited functionality. This software support up to 14 layers of PCB and it is highly equipped with all the modern tools which able to make an effective and accurate PCB. We can change the width of tracks, pads according to the application. Designers can design the custom board shape. The Output of this software can have different format selectable by the designer e.g. PCB can be exported in PDF, JPEG and lots of other formats. Its library includes thousands of commonly and rarely uses through hole and SMD devices. There is also a category for miscellaneous parts. There is one more very useful tool available by which we can make footprints of all the devices whom footprints are not available in the library so we can say that this software covers all the needs of the PCB designer and strongly recommended by the professionals.

Step by Step PCB Designing Tutorial: (in our example, we will use the LED Flasher Circuit and design its PCB).

Note: it is considered that you have installed the software and have basic knowledge of electronics.

Step1. Click on this icon to run the software.

Step 2.
Have a look at your schematic and make a list of the parts which you need. Note: it is considered that you have already drawn an error free schematic and now you want to make a PCB of it. In this simple example of PCB designing, we are using the below schematic. This is the basic Electronics LED flasher circuit with one LED by using 555 Timer and other basic electronic components.( Detail of the parts can be found in Step 3 ).

there are lots of images for each step.. So you may read the full story of PCB Design..

PCB Designing: How To Design a PCB (Step by Step & Pictorial Views)

I Hope you will learn something new. it is recommended for newbies and hobbyist. :)



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