How to Destroy Someone's House


Introduction: How to Destroy Someone's House

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Step 1:

Start by making a hole in the ground

Step 2:

Full the whole thing with TNT

Step 3:

Build a house on top of it

Step 4:

Put fire or a switch to start the TNT

Step 5:

Boom there u go have fun



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    10 Discussions

    But it's still cool cause I am a noob at minecraft

    First of all, everyone knows this. If you are going to make an ible, at least make it something that isn't common knowledge.

    Everybody knows this unless you are the biggest most massive noob in history you should know this

    1 reply

    You go to your settings the general the assessibilities the assessibilitiw touch and that's it


    4 years ago

    Jay jay how do u get the white circle thing on ur phone


    4 years ago

    It's ok

    Boom good job if you're messing around with Minecraft