How to Develop Film: Drying Clips

Recently I have been developing B/W film. It was thirteen dollars to order these clips online. So I decided to make my own. These are to prevent the negatives from curling and having water marks, they are for use after washing with wetting agent.

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Step 1: Materials

Paper clips or wire.
Binder clip.
A weight, I used a roll of electrical tape.
Wire cutters and scissors.
Film that needs drying.

Step 2: Construct!

Bend the paper clips as shown in the picture.

Step 3: Now Hang

I cut and round the corners at the end of the film to make loading onto the reel easier. Hook on both ends attach weight and clip. Hang, I would suggest hanging it in the shower cause it is almost dust-free. Thanks for viewing and vote for one of my instructables in the analog photography challenge. I will try to publish a whole instructable on developing film from start to finish.

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    this is really clever! i have been using clothes pins, which sometimes pull the emulsion from the film.

    If only 120 film had sprocket holes!

    1 reply

    7 years ago on Introduction

    $13 seems expensive for what you could go to a hobbystore and buy a roll of "thick metal wire" to make.

    I am guessing that most of the price is the delivery cost? or are these rather basic metal parts very expensive?

    Delivery costs is imho the hobbyists bane. if you "just" need a couple of small things, like 99% of the times. I think that goes for almost any hobby

    1 reply

    7 years ago on Introduction

    In my disgust over prices I completely forgot to say how I like this, so simple and saves money. Thumps up! (and also extra bonus for "recycling" the clips)