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Spring come,nice days to ride e-bikes.But when you take out of your old e-bike from warehouse and are going to ride it.Suddenly you would find there is strange noise from hub motor .
These days most of electric bike motors are brushless gearless and used for electric bikes widely.It was made of rotor-winding,magnet,hub,covers,axis,bearings...
If this hub motor has strange noise,generally it's from rotor-winding rub magnet or the bearing is broken.It's easy to solve it.The important is to disconnect this bldc hub motor.
You should prepare some tools:
1.Hexagon wrench (Necessary)
2.Hammer (Necessary)

Disconnect hub motor Step 1:
Take off nuts and gasket on axis and use hexagon wrench to loose 16 screws.

Step 2:
Make the hub motor stand and cable is bent inside.Left hand hold the hub motor and use hammer to knock the axis.

Step 3:
After some knock,the cover will take off hub.

Step 4:
Use the same way to knock the other axis,the other cover will also take off hub.

Step 5:
When both side covers are off hub,next we should take out the rotor-winding.Make the axis stands on the ground,both hands press hub motor,the rotor-winding will out of hub.

Sterp 6:
Check magnet around inside hub,if there is some metallic impurities stick on magnet.Please remove it.If no,but found some friction trace on magnet.Please check around the rotor-winding and remove some glue around the steel.If not,please check the bearing inside the cover.Use a little finger hold inside the bearing,use the other hand to turn cover,faster,better.If you hear some noise.Please replace bearings.

By now,you have solved problem. 



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