How to Do a Basic Pokemon Battle




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Step 1: Threes a Charm

To have a basic Pokemon battle, first get a friend to play against you.
Then, get you and your opponent to pick three Pokemon, these will be your attacking cards.

Step 2: Helpers

Next, add your potions, trainers and energy cards, the energy cards will heal your Pokemon when needed. And the potions will do whatever it says on the card.
And the trainers the same.

Step 3: Starting the Party!

Now, it's time to play! On your Pokemon cards, it shows the attacks and attack power, flip a coin to see who attacks first. To attack, choose a attack on your choose of an attack card. It will say how many attack points it attacks, then, choose one of your opponents Pokemon to battle, if the info under the attack name says to flip a coin, do it.

Step 4: DEAD! Wait, What?

Keep repeating step three until you kill one of your opponents Pokemon or you opponent kill one of yours, when your Pokemon is ALMOST dead, you can use one of your energy cards. But if your Pokemon card dies, then flip it over. You can't replace it, it's like that until the battle is over.

Step 5: Repeat. (you Bored Yet?)

Now, keep repeating step three until someone wins.

Step 6: Evosoda, 99% Sugar, 1% Water

When you have a trainer item called Evosoda, you can use it to change a basic Pokemon into a stage one Pokemon, or a stage one into a stage two.
Like this Polygon.

Step 7: Finally, a Champion!

When your opponents or your Pokemon are all dead, then you lose. The goal of the game is to be the last one alive.

Step 8: ALL Done!!!

I hope you guys enjoyed my Pokemon instructable! This took over two hours to write so please be supportive in the comments, if you comment, I will check out your page! Thanks guys!



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    2 years ago

    give me all your cards l live at 6 green side cresent huddersfield HD58QJ


    4 years ago

    I actually used to just collect the cards but I'll try this out with my brother