How to Do a Cartwheel




Introduction: How to Do a Cartwheel

Do you want to know how to do a cartwheel? Well, here are 6 easy steps for you.

Step 1: Get Ready

Be in a wide-open area.

Wear workout clothes or yoga clothes (for your first time doing it).

Step 2: Stretch

Hold your arm and pull it across your body (also do the other side).

Touch your toes.

Hold your elbow and put your hands over your head try to touch your back.

Step 3: Starting Your Cartwheel

Stand up straight.

Put your right or left hand down on the ground.

(If you you are right handed in sports, or for writing put your right hand down. If you are not but your left hand down.)

Step 4: Getting the Handstand Form

Lift your left/right leg up.

Your left/right hand will automatic follow.

Step 5: Making the Flow

Push with your right/left leg.

Land on your left/right leg.

Step 6: That's How You Do a Cartwheel

Try and go a little faster every time (when you feel comfortable).




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    10 Discussions

    I failed many times everyday

    that didn't help me at all

    Don't get to low you might break arms

    I already knew how to do a cartwheel I can even do a running round-off back-handspring back somersault back tuck back cut I just wanted to see how you would teach others I say it is ok but when you put your hand on the ground before you push off it is harder than just pushing of immiediatley you hands reach the ground

    i always thought i was doing a cartwheel wrong but it turns out i was right, thank you so much for this, i was having a really hard time with myself before i saw this :)

    i want to do cheer, so i want to learn how to do a cartwheel….but i still haven't learned handstand OR backbend. :/