How to Do a Firebird

Introduction: How to Do a Firebird

Step 1: Intro

Most people associate firebirds with cheerleading,but it is also a dance move.Here is how to do a firebird.

Step 2: Step One

Be sure you are streched out and that your clothes are lightweight and stretchy(i might have spelled that wrong)stretch your back,legs,and neck. *The clothes in the picture are ideal.

Step 3: Step Two

Leap up into the air and at the same time kick the leg in the back up*

Step 4: Step Three

When your back leg is up in the air in your leap,arch your back a slight bit and put your arms down or behind you.

Step 5: *

* this is basically a scorpion in the air.



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    Yeah i know this is my little sister in the pic and she is camera shy and my i phone camera is awful plus im a prima ballerina so i spend most of my money on dance

    It's a good start, but you really need to get your images in focus - maybe brighter lighting, or use a tripod of some kind.