How to Do a Free Criminal Background Check Online Using Goverment Record Websites.

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This is going to be a pretty straightforward guide on how to do a 100% Free Background Check Online using local government websites.

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Step 1: Choose a Location and Background Record Type

For my example I will be doing research in the state of Oregon. The location you use will depend on the current residence of the person in question and/or past residences. We also need to decide on a record type. For this example I will be looking at court records.

Keep in mind there are many type of records (Some examples of different types of background records)

  • County and State Criminal Records
  • National and Federal Criminal Records
  • Sex Offender Records
  • Bankruptcy Records
  • Court Records (Civil and Upper)
  • Driving Records
  • Mugshots
  • Inmate Records

For anyone handy with search engines like google this should be easy. When selecting webpages be sure to look for domains that end with .gov or .us (these are official extensions). Its not always going to be the case but most of the time it will.

My Shameless Plugin / Very helpful Tip.
Let me save you some time and frustration. We compiled a list of all official local record sources in USA - Click Here To Use The List.

Step 2: Locating a Searchable Records Database.

In the first step I was able to located this page Its an official state of Oregon free background check page that allows users to search civil, criminal, and traffic related court cases. All I have to say is jackpot; if only more states and counties made it this easy.
Heads up... While in our example I was able to easily locate a free searchable database. Not all state bureaucracy is created equally. Half the time you'll need to do a little research and click a couple links before finding a searchable database in your desired state or county.
I will issue another heads up... Some states will ask for a fee and a few states require a written request for public records. Luckily most of the country is online and this process shouldn't be to hard.

Step 3: Start Your Background Search

Finally the fun part. When you find a searchable database you can start your free online background check. In most cases you can look up records by having a first and last name. In some cases you might need an address, date of birth, or a case number.
Remember we're doing research for just one record type. So be sure to locate and search multiple databases. Sometimes you'll need to repeat the process in another state or county. That is if you want a more complete background check.

Don't Forget. We have a list of local city, county, and state databases on our site

It will be of great help if you need to check multiple agencies and locations.



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