How to Do a Wrist Shot



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Step 1: Materials

First you need to have a stick and a puck (preferably a green biscuit ) then if you are right handed then you right hand goes on the bottom of the stick and left hand on the top. If you are left handed your left hand goes on the bottom and right hand on the top .

Step 2: Starting the Wrist Shot

You want to start with standing side ways and the stick in front of you. Then to start you want to put the puck on the stick a little bit farther than shoulder width like in the picture.

Step 3: Follow Through

Then you want to quickly slide the puck on the stick and quickly flick it up in the air.

Step 4: Flicking It Up

When you flick it up you want the blade to be facing upwards and you need the puck to quickly get on the stick so it flick up.

Step 5: The Blade

When you flick the puck normally the blade will be facing upwards but you need the blade to be facing down.

Step 6: The Blade Continued

This is the correct example.

Step 7: Hope This Helps

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