How to Do Easy and Beautiful Nails




Introduction: How to Do Easy and Beautiful Nails

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There is always a time in a girls life where she wants to looks perfect from head to toe. And this instructble will show you how to do gorgeous nails without the hassle of the salon

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Step 1: Materials

You will need: - Nail polish -q tips (optional, just in case you get nail polish in a wrong place) -tape -clear nail polish

Step 2: Pick the Nail Polish

Pick the two or three colors that you want to do.

Step 3: Pick What You Want to Do

Simply the design. Whether you want to do three colours or a star in the middle pick something

Step 4: Draw Your Design

If you want to do stripes the take the tape and cut it in the amount of stripes you want and the length across the nail and how thick you want it. If you want a design then cut out that design

Step 5: Apply the First Layer

Stripes: You can either out on one full layer for each stripe or do it layer by layer. Design: You put on a full first layer and then wait while it dries. When it's dried you put on the design and put on the second layer. Then take off the design when it's dried This is really time consuming and I did it really fast. If you wait and do this carefully I promise it turns out great

Step 6: Finish

When everything is dry put on a layer of clear nail polish to make sure that it says on. Enjoy!

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    4 Discussions


    6 years ago

    You have to wait. I had the problem with tape taking it off. I'd suggest waiting about 3-4 minutes before putting the tape on


    6 years ago

    The tape takes off the nail polish


    6 years ago

    Ok that's just cool I've been wanting to do my nails it just hasn't worked so that's a bunch ill have to try this :);)