How to Do Easy and Cute Colored French Tips!!



Introduction: How to Do Easy and Cute Colored French Tips!!

About: My names Libby! I'm 13 and 3/4 lol! I love drawing anime art, my fav colors are aquamarine and lime green, and I'm a Christian and proud of it! :D ooh and I'm a big fan of Mark Crilley!!!!

This tutorial will teach you how to do a cute and easy girly nail design

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Step 1: Materials

You will neeeed...... 1. Hot pink nail polish (or whatever color you desire) 1. A lighter version of the color you chose. (A lighter pink) -clearish 2. Nail polish remover 3. Tissue or cottonballs (I ran out lol!) 4. A foam plate 5. Straight pin or toothpick 6. Self adhesive white labels (see picture) or just normal round labels 7. Nail jewels (optional) 8. A cold glass of refreshing lemonade!! ;D

Step 2: Clean Nails

Use cottonballs or a tissue to rub all old nail polish off your nails. Make sure you bend back your cuticle to get in the sides and cracks! This will result in a a clean smooth look when we're finished!

Step 3: Paint on Base Coat

Here you will use your lighter pink polish. Simply paint 1-2 coats of polish and let dry!

Step 4: Tips

Take out your adhesive label thingys. MAKE SURE YOUR NAIL IS COMPLETELY DRY!!! If not, you'll have a icky sticky mess! I know it takes awhile but have patience lol. ;) peel off one sticky label and stck it on your nail as shown. Press it into the cracks on the side of your nails. Don't press too hard or it will take off polish when you peel it off! Leave a space at the top of your nail above the sticker as shown.

Step 5: Paint on Tips

Take out your hot pink polish. Paint the strip that is showing above the sticker! Its perfectly fine if you get polish on the sticker. Peel off the sticker carefully, or if you want, wait til it's dry to be safe.

Step 6: Polishing It Up!

Here we'll clean it up! Take a q-tip and rub the sides to get any excess polish off. Then paint a clear coat on top!

Step 7: Optional Deco Fun!

Here I start in with the optional stuff that I think makes the nail look fabulous!! ;D when the clear coat is dry, take out your foam plate. Pour white polish (dime sized drop!) into it. Dip your pin or toothpick (pins work better lol) and dip it in the polish. Dot it on your nail. Do this in a small circle for a flower or make up your own design!! Then add a jewel to the middle or a dot with silver or gold paint. Ta-da!!! Hope you liked this enjoy-able instruct-able! Please leave tips and encouragement in the comments!! ;D

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