How to Do Parkour Easily




Parkour is a sport many people do for fun or even as a can be hard and scary but with these tips you will be successful.

Step 1: Agility

Being fast and agile is key in parkour.your going to need to be fast and light on your feet and toes.A good way to practice is to run as fast as you can with a couple obstacles in front of you and this will make you very agile and fast.

Step 2: Muscle

Leg muscle and arm muscle are important too.They come important when jumping and lifting your good tip when hanging is keeping your arms in a 90 degree angle.Many workouts can halo you arms but the easiest are push ups.and for legs there's running or running with leg weights.

Step 3: Courage

Courage is something that comes handy because we'll without courage you won't be able to do parkour because most the time you will be courage to talk in front of people.

Step 4: Safety

It might be better if you have pads and start small and move up.Nd have a first aid kit and someone with you.have fun and please both this for the I teach it contest thank you

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    4 years ago

    Thanks man I had to make it awesome because it's parkour so I told my friend to go under a table And then I jump off of and he took the pic