How to Do Rainbow Loom




About: Hi it's James and I have just found out about instructibles again and now I am going to do art instruction on how to draw manga, anime, video game characters or just tutorials

Intro: How to Do Rainbow Loom

rainbow loom is very easy once you get the hang of it but maybe this tutorial will help you if it did favorite it

Step 1: What You Will Need

The rainbow loom kit comes in handy for this project

Step 2: Colors

Put the colors like this on the template where the red arrow is

Step 3: Finished Pattern

I did not lay the colors all the way to the end but you can

Step 4: The Hard Part

Flip the template over and do this

Step 5: Finishing Up

Do step 5 till the end

Step 6: Adding C Clip

Put the clip that looks like a c on the band on the end

Step 7: Done

Pull of the braclet and you're done

Step 8: It's Good

If it worked put the other end in the c clip



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