How to Do Rainbow Loom




About: Hi it's James and I have just found out about instructibles again and now I am going to do art instruction on how to draw manga, anime, video game characters or just tutorials

rainbow loom is very easy once you get the hang of it but maybe this tutorial will help you if it did favorite it

Step 1: What You Will Need

The rainbow loom kit comes in handy for this project

Step 2: Colors

Put the colors like this on the template where the red arrow is

Step 3: Finished Pattern

I did not lay the colors all the way to the end but you can

Step 4: The Hard Part

Flip the template over and do this

Step 5: Finishing Up

Do step 5 till the end

Step 6: Adding C Clip

Put the clip that looks like a c on the band on the end

Step 7: Done

Pull of the braclet and you're done

Step 8: It's Good

If it worked put the other end in the c clip



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