The Best Classic Pranks and a Few Others

Introduction: The Best Classic Pranks and a Few Others

On this instructable I will show how to set up and pull off the best classic pranks and a few others that I have seen done with great results. These pranks are all completely harmless and will not hurt anyone if they are done how I explain them. All of these are easy to do with materials you should have around your house or they are very cheap.

Have fun with these pranks and remember it's not a prank if you take it too far.

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Step 1: Plastic Wrap Around the Door

This prank is simply where you will have to put some plastic wrap around the door frame of a commonly used door. This is one of my favorite pranks because it is very easy to set up and the people that run into this always have a great look of "What the heck happened?!?!" on their faces.


-Plastic wrap (any size)
-Masking Tape
-Door Frame

First you will need to select a door frame to do this one. Then Get your plastic wrap and just lay it across the part of the door where the victim's face and chest part of their body will be. You do not want to put this were their feet will be because if their feet hit it before their face it will not be very funny. Then around the edges of the plastic wrap put the masking tape over it so it will not come off when they walk through. The trick to this one is to not get any wrinkles in the plastic wrap so it will be almost invisible. Remember we want this to STOP them not wrap them in plastic and suffocate them.

Step 2: Shaving Cream in Hand

This is a very popular prank also in the sense that it is easy to pull off and the victim is usually pretty frustrated. For this your victim will also have to be sleeping.


-Shaving Cream (Not Gel)
-A feather or duster

Ok this prank is the second easiest to do on here and there should be no trouble with getting it to work. For this make sure your victims hand is laying out of their bed or wherever they are resting. Then take the shaving cream and spray a large amount into their palm. Next you will have to try to tickle their face with the feather or duster that you have. This may take a few tries to get them to notice but trust me it will work.

Step 3: Plastic Wrap Over Toilet

This prank is the easiest to set up but the hardest to see. You will although hear the results of this one. This is where you will take plastic wrap and put it over the seat so when someone goes to the bathroom it will get all over them.


-Plastic wrap (any size)

For this prank go to your bathroom and lift up the toilet seat. Then lay the plastic wrap so it completely covers the hole in the seat. Now cut it close to the sides of the seat so there is not overhang of plastic wrap or your victim may notice this and just take it off. Ok not put the seat back down and wait until someone goes to use your bathroom and listen.

Step 4: Fire Alarm

This has got to be the best prank ever because it will scare your victim so bad. The best times to do this is when your victim is in the shower or sleeping and also do not tell anyone else that you are doing this so it looks as really as possible; unless someone living with you will try to find the fire then tell them to run outside screaming fire and it will make it even more believable.


-Smoke Detector ***Check the batteries

To start make sure that your victim is either in the shower or sleeping. I would suggest in the shower because if you are taping it is much funnier so see a half naked person running out of your house thinking there is a fire. Ok after you found someone in the right position grab a match and go directly under your smoke detector. Now strike the match and wait until it catches most of the match on fire then quickly move it up to the smoke detector so it will be put out and the smoke will drift into the detector and it will go off. Now your victim will run out of the house with a towel on are with their night gown on and you will get a great laugh.

Step 5: Clock Reset

Only do this if you are sure no one in the house has anything very important to do that day or they may be very angry at you and it wouldn't be a prank it would just be mean. Although if nothing important is going of it is a fun and harmless prank.



For this all you will have to do is set every clock in the house to 30 minutes to an hour ahead or behind any different amounts of time and it is not very noticeable or it is too noticeable. Ok if you are doing thing you have to make sure to set every single clock to the same time. To make it go perfectly you will need to set every clock, watch, and even the clocks in the car and computers. If successfully executed this is a great prank and the key is to never tell them, just wait until they figure it out themselves. I have had this take up to two days for them to notice.

Step 6: Car Trouble?

This is a great prank for anyone who spends a lot of time on their car. I really enjoy this one because of the few materials and it is great to watch. I did this to my grandfather's truck and the look on his face was priceless. It is something that will keep the victim thinking for hour and you laughing for the same amount of time. This on my dad actually told me how to do and it has worked every time I have tried it: on my boss, grandfather, uncle, and a few friends with cars.


-Large zip-tie (36" or bigger)
-Car with easily accessible driveshaft

For this prank take your zip-tie and place it around the victim's car's drive shaft right under their gas tank. This will make such an abnoxiously loud noise you and they will never forget it (neither will everyone around the prank-seen). IT makes this noise from the drive shaft rotating at high speeds and the zip-tie hits the usually plastic gas tank and it makes a crazy loud noise.

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    A really mean prank is: take 2 packets of mayo or something like that u get at a fast food restaurant and fold one in half and put it under a toilet seat pointing towards the bowl and do the same w/ another put pointing towards the front. And when they go to sit down with enough force it will go all over them. Warm honey packets also work. Switch it up also idk what works and what doesn't.  

    3 replies

    this was in a captain underpants book they used ketchup and called them "squisheis"

    HAHAHA! i did the door frame one and totally got my brother!

    I've had the last one played on me, but I heard it right away as soon as i moved the vehicle a few feet and knew what it was. Sooo' time for revenge. I taped a fairly heavy weight to their driveshaft. it doesn't make any noise but vibrates like something is really wrong once they get up some speed.

    Also funny is to pour half a cup of olive oil in the exhaust pipe, once the exhaust heats up after 5 minutes or so the car will smell like a chinese take away...

    1 reply

    My grandma purposely sets her clock 5-10 minutes ahead so she won't be late to whatever she needs to do that day.

    1 reply

    My Mum does that too but it stresses her out like hell because she forgets she set it that way and she thinks that she is always late XD

    Another funny prank, put clock back 3-4 hours now before they go to sleep put cardboard over the window (preferably before they go to sleep) and make sure no light gets through now just wait for them to fall asleep. They will wake up look at the clock and say it is still night. Kept my brother like that until 5 in the afternoon priceless.

    1 reply

    WOAH! I do not have time to get up, have coffee and put the twist tie on my dads drive-shaft all before 6:30 am!