How to Do the Splits

Introduction: How to Do the Splits

You clicked this because you want to know how to do the splits well this tutorial will show you how to

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Step 1: Warming Up

First you want to make sure your warmed up. So start doing toe touches and sped your legs out and try put your head to you the leg. Do stradles and hold out in front to you. Do some lunges. And your ready to go into your splits

Step 2: Getting in Your Splits

So I got taught that you go into stand with your legs apart and you go with the foot you feel comfortable with then it's your back leg that pushes into the splits

Step 3: Yay You Got Your Splits

Yay practice your splits every day so your body won't forget.

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    4 Discussions


    6 years ago on Introduction

    You can't actually call that a split since your back leg is bent - splits are supposed to be straight legs. And also, you have to mention the point that you might not be able to achieve the splits at once, but through proper daily routines of warmups, stretches and flexibility exercises you can achieve over a certain period of time. Trying to split your legs too far without proper guidance might snap your joints/bones.


    6 years ago

    Please update your tutorial to include a proper warm up. You should run around a large area for 10 minutes minimum to get your blood pumping because stretching "cold" is a sure fire way to get an injury (think muscle tears or serious cramps). It's best to sit in a pike position on the floor (back straight, legs straight in front of you, toes pointed, knees together, ankles together) and stretch your hands towards your toes. This will help the back of your legs to achieve the position required. (Don't slouch!)
    I was a gymnastics coach for 6 years. If you really want to do the splits, it's best to go to a trained coach to avoid injuries. Stretching your body in dramatic ways should be done carefully, and over a long period of time.

    Please be careful- you only have one body!


    6 years ago

    I just can't get my legs to bend far enough down :(