How to Draw a Chibi




Step 1: Face Shape

First draw a circle draw a line straight down the middle of the circle, then two straight across the middle of the line.

Step 2: Body Shape

Underneath the circle draw a basic body shape like this!

Step 3: Facial Expression

Draw the eyes by putting two ovals then put a curved line on top and bottom of both of them then a half circle in bottom left and in top right of each eye then shade in everything except the half circles. Then do a "D" turned 90 degrees clo

Step 4: Clothes

Then draw any style of clothes you want but in miniature form

Step 5: Hairstyle

Then draw either girl hair or boys hair depending on what you want your chibi to be.

Step 6: Finish

And then to finish outline and shade in the parts you want shading and your done thanks dragonnnbornnn



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    2 years ago

    so cute