How to Draw a Cute Bunny




About: Hey! My name is Isabelle (izzy) and I love drawing!! I also like making things, sewing and collaging!!

Hey guys! Bellie14 here with a tutorial on how to draw a cute bunny! You'll need paper, a pencil and a darker coloured pen. For this, I used a dark purple gel pen! :)

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Step 1: Draw the Ears

Draw the ears

Step 2: Draw the Glasses

Two round circles about 2mm apart, join with a small horizontal line. Also, draw the eyes (two small dots)

Step 3: Draw the Body

Draw the body and limbs.

Step 4: Draw the Mouth and Nose

Draw the mouth and nose!

Step 5: Outline in a Darker Colour !

Outline in a darker colour, then you're done!!

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