How to Draw a Demon Dog




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How to draw a Demon Dog creature through the initial pencil sketching stage right through to a nice finished inked illustration. This drawing video whilst around 34 minutes long really looks at creating a good solid Demonic Dog creature design and one you can have a go at drawing yourself.

Step 1: Drawing a Demonic Dog

When drawing a Demon Dog you will need quite obviously a Pencil, a good piece of paper or card and an ink pen which is optional, but I used it in the following drawing video. Take special note of the pencil sketching stage in which I build up the Demon Dog creature from scratch. It is the most important stage of any drawing as you need to plan out how the Dog creature will look.

Before I drew this I perused some real life photos of Dogs to get a sense of some of the anatomy of Dogs. I didn't want to be bogged down with too much specifics of anatomy however and really just went my own way as that is literally the best way to learn how to draw.



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