How to Draw a Dog




Hi, I'm 12 years old but these Instructables were made when I was 10 ?. I really like dance. And ...

Step 1: Nose

First you kind of draw a stick figure but with no arms!

Step 2: Freckles ( Kind of )

Then you draw three dots on each side.

Step 3: Snout

Now draw a circle around the nose and "freckles". This will be the snout.

Step 4: Pupils

Now draw two humps on the top of the circle. Now color them in.

Step 5: White of the Eye

Now draw a hump over both of the humps.

Step 6: Head

Now draw one BIG hump over the eyes.

Step 7: Ears

Now draw W V ears. A Y

Step 8: Color!

Before you color you can make a collar.



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    4 years ago

    Nice job to both of you!