How to Draw a Good Dog




This instructable doubles as a story. I heard it at dance class. It is very easy to draw. Not the original.

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Step 1:

Once there was a man with no arms Draw a stick man with no arms.

Step 2:

He fell into a hole. Draw a circle around the stick man.

Step 3:

While he was in the hole, he went to McDonalds. Draw the McDonalds sign on the hole.

Step 4:

While he was at McDonalds, he got 2 hotdogs....

Step 5:

Two tiny hamburgers....

Step 6:

And half a hash brown.

Step 7:

Then, the hole grew legs.... Draw puppy legs on the hole.

Step 8:

And a little waggly tail. Draw a tail on the dog.

Step 9:

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