How to Draw a Horse





Introduction: How to Draw a Horse

Step 1:

Draw two ovals.

Step 2:

Add a neck and four legs.

Step 3:

Add a face and two ears.

Step 4:

Add some hair.

Step 5:

And add a few details.



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    6 Discussions

    Where'd you get the only actual good pic from? You should credit the artist for that. If you don't it'd be counted as stealing art.

    hehe wow:D

    I really thought this would be a CLEAR and GOOD Instructable... It's actually absolutely the opposite! :(

    hmm...:( I really thought this was going to teach how to draw a horse!!! where'd you get that main pic from?

    great horse but I presonally prefer painting them. Here's an amazing horse painting you might want to see:,4.jpg It's "Battle of Kircholm" by Wojciech Kossak