How to Draw a Kawaii Cupcake

Introduction: Drawing the Outlines

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1. Draw the outline of the top frosting on it.
2. Draw the outline of the bottom frosting on it.
3. Draw the cup that holds the actual cupcake.

Step 1: Drawing the Details...

1. Draw in the eyes on both the cherry and the cup.
2. Draw the mouths for both the cherry and the cup.
3. Draw the lines and the blush marks on the cup.
4. Draw the stem of the cherry.

Step 2: Outlining...

1. Outline every single thing you drew in sharpie, except for the blush marks on the cup.
2. Color in all the eyes black.

Step 3: Coloring...

1. Color the shaded part of the cherry dark peach, and all the rest light peach.
2. Color the cup lines light grey.
3. Draw in the pencil marks from the blush on the cup light peach.
4. Color the bottom part of both mouths black.
5. Pick out three colors, then draw the sprinkles on the top and bottom frostings.
6. Get 2 colored crayons and color in the top and bottom frostings.
7. Color the stem of the cherry brown.
8. Color in the cup the lightest brown you have.
9. (You don't have to do this if you don't want to) get a white out paint and make little dots on the eyes to make it look like a reflection.

Step 4: Write the Captions...

Write in little captions if you want, you don't have to if you don't want to. I would suggest this because this makes it stand out more to different drawings.

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    Mr Toss
    Mr Toss

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    So cute