How to Draw a My Little Pony

Introduction: How to Draw a My Little Pony

This is just my first instuctable, please don't judge. I love drawing pony And hope you will to:)

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Step 1: Beginning

Make three circles: one up top for the head, one underneath the head, and a small circle next to the body circle

Step 2: Making the Neck and Legs

Connect the big body circle to the head circle for the neck. Add two legs to the big body circle, And two legs to The smaller body circle

Step 3: Face

Add a triangle to The front of The head circle for The muzzle. Closeish to The muzzle, add a oval. Make a ova in side The eye oval for the pupil make a few lines surrounding the pupil. Make another curvy triangle on the top of the head for the ear

Step 4: Mane

I am not going to go though the mane and tale of every pony, for this drawing can be turned into anyone, so for this pony, I will use rainbow dashes mane and tail

Step 5: Detail and Color

Here is the fun part of pony drawing! You can make you pony be a unicorn Pegasus or earth pony with what ever color you desire. Add a small symbol on the flank for a cutie mark, And your done!

Step 6: Tips

1:when you are making The base, use a light pencil to begin with.
2: if you want your pony to have a more finished look, go ever your finished Lines with pen
3: have fun!

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    I started watching mlp recently and it's actually a pretty good show! And you do a fantastic job drawing Rainbow Dash!