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Introduction: How to Draw a Pony

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Thank you for viewing this instructable, hope you like it!!!!!!!!

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Step 1: Supplies

For this instructable I will be using the following - a pencil - a piece of copy paper or paper - crayons, markers, ect.

Step 2: Head

So I'm going to teach you how to draw a pony. So first you need to draw the head. To draw the head shape you need to first draw a small circle, then add the muzzle to the circle. It really does not matter how the muzzle is shaped, you don't have to shape it like I did in the picture. :)

Step 3: Ears and Neck

Step 4: Body

Do a bean shaped body starting from the neck.

Step 5: Legs

Step 6: Erasing

Ok so now erase the circle, the neck line, and leg lines and it should look like the picture.:)

Step 7: Details

Start to add detail to your pony. Ex: snout, tail, eyes, ect. :)

Step 8: Color It!!!!!!

Step 9: Done

Hope you liked it, and don't forget to look at amonj02 to see her amazing instructables!!!!!

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    6 years ago

    That has to be the most epic pony ever! Thank you for enlightening me to the subtle nuances of pony drawing. Keep up the good work. :)