How to Draw a Simple Horse




I will be teaching you to draw a simple horse


Step 1: The Start

When I draw a horse I usually start with the ears for some weird reason but I would say start with the simple structure of the head before anything

Step 2: Body

After you have the simple head shape, go I'm and plan out the body with 2 circles that represent shoulders and hind quarters

Step 3: Connect

After you have the 2 circles drawn, go in and connect the lines.

Yes I realize the horrible proportions, the body should be 3 head lengths long.

I went in and fixed the proportions several times during this step

Step 4: Legs

Use circles again to plan out where knees and ankles will be. Once your happy with that, go in and connect

Step 5: Mane, Tail, and Touch Ups

Here you can draw in the mane (face and neck hair) and the tail. Make them as long or short as you want.

After you have this you can go in and fix anything that looks off or you don't like.

You can do touch ups as you go like I did to save you as much work in the end.



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    2 years ago

    You're good! Wow! Great instructions!