How to Draw a Star

Introduction: How to Draw a Star

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Step 1: Step 1- Materials

You only need paper and 1 marker/pencil of your choice!

Step 2: Step 2- Draw a V

Draw a V on your paper! (Use guide line for more straight and accurate lines)

Step 3: Step 3- Connect and Down

Go to the right tip of the V and draw a line going sideways [see picture for help]

Step 4: Step 4-connect Another Line

Go to the bottom point of the line you just drew and going up (with a slant) draw another line {see picture for help}

Step 5: Step 5- Connecting One Last Time

Connect the line on the left and the line on the right with a straight line! {see picture for help}

Step 6: Step 6- Color It or Personalize! (optional)

Color your star and personalize it!

Step 7: Note(please Read)

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Love y'all!

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    5 years ago

    Dude yes. I yo u put a circle around it lol jk


    6 years ago

    thats a pentagram...