How to Draw a Swallow




Ever wanted to draw an old school swallow? This is a simple step by step tutorial to learn how to draw one. They can be difficult at first but get easier and better with practice. So let's begin!!

Step 1: Get Your Materials

First things first you need some supplies.

For this project you will need:




Sharpie pen

Colored pencils

Get your pencil ready and let's start drawing!

Step 2: Start Drawing

The first thing to draw is the head. This step is easy as it's head is just a circle! Next we will continue with the more complicated parts.

Step 3: Add a Body

The next step is to draw a connected body to the head. Make it rounded towards the head and ending in a point where the tail will start as shown in the picture. Add a small triangle for the beak.

Step 4: Starting Wings and Tail

For the back wing draw a line curving out starting at the top of the head to show that it's layered behind the body. Draw two lines curving outward from the corner of the body as shown. Make the lines slightly behind the body to add more dimension to the drawing.

Step 5: Eye and Wings

Okay this step is a little more complicated. To create the eye draw a small oval spiraling out into a point. Then draw a connected wing curving out in front of the body. If you're confused just look at the picture for a reference.

Step 6: Feathers

Now let's make the wings actually look like wings! Draw some feathers which are just layered curved lines. Draw them angled outward to make them more realistic. Do the same for the tail. Use the image as a guide.

Step 7: More Feathers

Draw another smaller set of feathers above the first ones. Again draw them curved outward for more dimension. Also add a line to divide the belly.

Step 8: Sharpie

Go over the whole drawing with a sharpie pen. Go slow for this step to make your lines smooth and crisp. When you're finished, erase the pencil lines.

Step 9: Color!!

Now it's time to color your drawing! You can use just one color or multiple colors. (I used red, fuchsia, orange, and yellow.) We want to make it pop!! Make it contrast to make it seem 3D. Shade the edges and ends of the wings and tail darker than the rest of the drawing. Emphasize corners and the lines of the feathers to add more dimension. Use the photo as a guide for the coloring.

Step 10: Finished!

Now the drawing is finished!! Show off your work and put it on display! Drawing swallows will get better with practice. I find them very fun and easy to draw. Have fun with your work and keep drawing!! Good luck

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9 Discussions


3 years ago

love it, so god dam cute


3 years ago

I drew it in a teapot and i love it i think next time i will us colering crayons instead of felt tips


3 years ago

Lol, I love it... I made it with a few changes, I did it by memory though, thats why I di it with changes... Cant take pic though, can't figure out how to take them...


4 years ago

I found the colouring with contrast really hard so I just coloured it :-)


4 years ago

I'll try to work on other instructables.. Got a really busy schedule right now :P but I post most of my drawings on Instagram


4 years ago

It's so cute and I want to draw and hang up thanks

ooo so pretty! My mother will be happy that I learned how to draw the old school sparrows instead of just getting a tattoo of one. I love the gradients you did with the colored pencils, they turned out lovely. Thanks for sharing!