How to Draw a Turret From Portal



"Don't make lemonade. Promethius was punished by the gods for giving the gift of knowledge to man. He was cast into the bowels of the earth and pecked by birds. Remember that. That's all I can say. Don't forget. It won't be enough. The answer is beneath us. Her name is Carolyn."     -Turret

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Step 1: The First Shape.

Draw A horizontal oval.

Step 2: The "Eye".

Draw A small circle in the middle and a line going down.

Step 3: The Turrets.

Draw identical lines on both sides of the oval.

Step 4: It Needs Legs, Doesn't It?

Draw the legs.

Step 5: Done.

And.... your done. Post your drawing on the fridge and make your family jealous.

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