How to Draw a Wolf: Style One




Introduction: How to Draw a Wolf: Style One

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when I ask most people what my favorite animal is they say "PONAY". They are wrong. My favorite animal is actually a wolf! So here is how to draw one.

Step 1: Head

I don't know how to explain the head, quite frankly. So please just copy the photos as shown. A quick tip is to draw really lightly if you mess up.

Step 2: Body Language

Draw the body using some basic shapes.

Step 3: Done!

Enjoy your wolf drawing! I'll be drawing some other styles of wolves, so keep a look out. Also, I love comments so LEAVE DA COMMENTS!



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    Wolves are my favorite animals this is my sisters insturtables account mine is wolflover123 im very interested in phoenix and wolves...i drew this very good

    Wow! I love dogs - and I am
    very passionate about wolves! It's awesome to see people that have the same interests as myself

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    Pugs are really awesome dogs but you seem like you are into big dogs

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    The good news is that we may get a new dog! :D

    I love wolfs, I used to have a husky