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Introduction: How to Draw an Anime Eye

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Hi, everyone I'm back from 8 months not writing an instructable! Here's an ible How to draw an anime eye in my own style! Enjoy!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

The Basics
A good rubber

There a extras like pens for inking, pencils, paints and other materials, but today I'm going to stick with the basics!

Step 2: The Top

Just draw a simple thick curvy straight line for the top part.

Step 3: The Side Part

All you need to do is draw a sort of diagonal line and another one shorter one below the one that you've just drawn in the opposite direction.

Step 4: The Eyeball

The eyeball is a shape like an oval, but in this picture it starts off wide then gets smaller as it goes down, but if you like you can draw a circle or a normal oval.

Step 5: Line at the Bottom

The next step is the draw a faint curvy line that just fits the eyeball, it should be faint that it doesn't stand out too much.

Step 6: Eyelashes

I forgot to tell you this is a female's eye, but should've seen it on the cover, you can add two or one line for the eyelashes or you can even leave the eyelashes out altogether.

Step 7: Shiny Bubble

Draw a circle or a circle square at the top corner of the eye, big but not too big that you can't fit in the pupil!

Step 8: The Pupil

Add a oval as the pupil or a circle as the pupil, draw it in the middle of the eye.

Step 9: Another Shiny Bubble

At another shiny circle at the right bottom corner of the eye, draw it as a small circle!

Step 10: Shading

Start shading in darkly and get lighter as you get down to the bottom, as you can see I've shaded it dark first.

Step 11: Lighter!

Now as you can see I've shaded it dark slowly going into the lighter shade.

Step 12: Almost Finished!

Now I've finished shading all of it! There are still a few white gaps, but make sure you shade them all in!

Step 13: Finished!

Add a small line just above the top bit of the eye for the eyelids and an eyebrow it can be as thick or thin as you want!

Step 14: Have a Nice Day Everyone!

That's all for today! I hope you guys have found this tutorial helpful and you've enjoyed it! It would be nice if you could recommend some ibles that I can do, otherwise Have A Nice Day Everyone! - KawaiiAwesome

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wow that was so easy


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I drawanime and I love it!