How to Draw Bat,spongebob and a Kitten




Step 1: How to Draw Bat Man

Draw half of the body

Step 2: Leg

Draw the legs

Step 3: Line

Draw the lines on the legs

Step 4: End

That is how you draw batman

Step 5: How to Draw Spongebob

Step 6: Starting

Draw a wobbly square

Step 7: Draw

Draw the mouth and a rectangle for the pants

Step 8: Draw

Draw a semi circle at the end of the mouth.draw the nose and draw two circles near the nose.draw the legs and the hands

Step 9: Draw

Draw two triangle on for the pants and a wobbly line under the mouth

Step 10: Eye

Draw the eyes the finger and the teeth

Step 11: Wholes

Draw the wholes

Step 12: End

That is how you draw spongebob

Step 13: Head

Draw the head

Step 14: Body Feet

Draw the body and the feet

Step 15: Nail

Draw the nails

Step 16: Lines

Draw 3 lines on the nose and a circle on its belly

Step 17: End

That is how you draw a kitten :-p



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    2 years ago

    I'm making a book!I only drew the cat