How to Draw Catastrophia

Introduction: How to Draw Catastrophia

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Catastrophia is a character I created in the Sky the Dog series. He is the antagonist.

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Step 1: Head

Draw a circle, then curve downwards to form a muzzle and a mouth. Draw a short line at the end of the mouth. Next, draw an oval at the end of the muzzle, and a single tooth protruding from the mouth. Now, for the ears, you need to draw a short and dull triangle on the head. About 1/2 of a centimeter from the ear, draw the horn with little lines in it.

Step 2: Eyes

The eyes are actually quite simple! Draw a half circle in the head, and then doodle a sharp and skinny line as the eyebrow. For the pupil, draw a small spiral in the eye.

Step 3: Details and Coloring

Tell me if you want an Instructables for the whole body, write in the comments! But for the head outline it and color it light brown. Color the horn yellow, the eyebrow black, and the pupil red.

Step 4: Done

Enjoy your drawing of Catastrophia! Check out my other Sky the Dog tutorials! Also make sure to look me up on My two stories are Harry Potter and Ron's Swan and Young Catastrophia and Discord.

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    6 years ago

    If anyone wants to know how to draw Catastrophia with his Beauty and the Beast getup, or wants to draw the dog on the left in the picture, please tell me!!!