How to Draw Creepy Fluttershy




Introduction: How to Draw Creepy Fluttershy

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My friend drew a random pony the other day, and it was... Something... I decided to copy it and I created this drawing pony style.

Step 1: Face of Horror

Draw a circle. Then, draw a triangle sticking up from the head. Doodle a line in the triangle. To make the hair, have a wave-looking line travel down the face, and curve up. Draw two circles in the head and color them in. Finally doodle a mouth with a curve.

Step 2: Body

The body is quite simple! Draw the same shapes on the page. For the cutie mark, doodle three little butterflies in pencil. Color them in.

Step 3: Colors of the Wind

Color Flutter (Fluttershy's creepy alter-ego) yellow. Color her mane bright pink. Color the eyes, mouth, and cutie mark in black.

Step 4: Done!

If this isn't creepy to you, then I don't know what is! Anyways, if you have questions, comments, or suggestion, tell me!



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    Where are her wings

    Halofreak101 , I made this Instructable as a joke and I've actually seen most of those. You also forgot Rainbow Factory on that list.

    Also cupcakes is a great story. So is cheerilees garden and sweet apple massacre. All bloody and definantly NSFW.

    Pfft. Thats not creepy. Look up Murdershy or careful though murdershy flashes her girlyhood and ther is gore galore.

    Thanks so much! And I followed you cuz I love all of your posts! More ibles to come!
    ~Sky Productions

    Oh no, that's alright! Thanks though!

    TimsProjects, good! That was my intent! :)

    I showed this to my 5 year old cousin and she said," That's creepy!"

    Awesome! I looked at your instructables literally 3 seconds ago and this popped up.