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Hello guys and gals! Im gonna show you today how to draw hatsune miku chibi version this is my first instructable...... Enjoy!!!!

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Step 1: Lines

First make a head just like in the pic
then make a small neck just below the chin
then make two shoulders not too high nor too low just fine
For the hands draw two small circles
And the legs just short and feet two tiny circles and your done with the lines!!!!

Step 2: Face and Hair

Draw small upside down triangles for the bangs
And two small rectangles for the hair scrunchies and long rectangles with small lines on the ends to seem like hair
For the face draw two oblongs for the eyes.
And for the lips draw a convex so it seems
like she is smiling

Step 3: Shirt and Skirt

You need to draw two collars then add little frills. next draw a necktie then a skirt then add the belt which has zigzag patterns

Step 4: Hand Accesories and Boots

Just draw the cuffs by copying it in the pic
for the boots just draw the boots by drawing lines

Step 5: Covering

Cover the lines with a ballpen

Step 6: Coloring

Hair - Teal / Turquoise
Scrunchies - Red
Collar - Black
Frills - Teal / Turquoise
Necktie - Teal / Turquoise
Belt - Black and Teal / Turquoise
Skirt - Black
Line on the skirt - Teal / Turquoise
Boots - Black
Line on the boots - Teal / Turquoise
Handcuffs - Black
Line on the handcuffs - Teal / Turquoise
Skin - Light Brown

Step 7: Finish!!!

Step 8:

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    2 years ago

    nice first lessi