How to Draw: Lisa Simpson




Introduction: How to Draw: Lisa Simpson

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Step 1: Materials

Paper, pencil, black marker, color pencils(optional)

Step 2: The Base

Start with a circle in the very center of the page. Draw lightly

Step 3: Liness

Draw two perpendicular lines in the middle of the circle. Draw lightly

Step 4: Eyes

Draw one eye around the very center and another overlapping the first eye. The second eye should be touching the left side of the circle. Draw lightly

Step 5: Do You Smell Something?

Draw a small oval as Lisa's nose. Again, draw lightly. Also for her mouth(not pictured) start at the bottom of the left eye and swing outside of her face. Bring it back in to about an inch under the right eye. Add a half-square to the bottom to act as her lip.

Step 6: Growing

Draw three triangles. One on the top of the vertical line, and two on each side of the horizontal line, the left one just above it.

Step 7: Connect

Connect the triangles with more triangles. Make sure they are wide and even. In the right side take the triangles all the way down to her neck.

Step 8: Ears and Neck

Since Lisa is sideways we will only see one ear. So make a half circle on the right lower side of her head and finish with a straight line going down to act as her neck. Add an upsidown "T" shape to the middle of her ear for depth. Draw circles in between her neck(bottom of lip and ear) these circles act as her necklace

Step 9: First Ending

That's it for the base! You can stop here for an artistic sketchy look or you can continue and make it look like the real thing. If you're continuing, take your pencil and press harder on the front and middle of her nose. This is starting to finalize. We will erase everything you don't press hard on in the end.

Step 10: Eyes

Darken her eyes. Be sure to leave out the portion of the left eye that is overlapping the right eye. Add pupils.

Step 11: Lower Face

Darken her mouth, ear and neck.

Step 12: Hair and Jewlry

Darken her hair and her necklace.

Step 13: 2nd Ending

You can stop here for a more finalized, yet still sketchy look, or you can move on. Take a black marker and outline everything that you just darkened.

Step 14: Erase

Once the marker is dry ( make sure that it is COMPLETELY dry or else it will smudge) erase any pencil marks left. This will finalize your picture.

Step 15: Collor

Color in Lisa with a yellow marker. That's it! Thank you for looking at my -ible! Follow and favorite! --moskiii13

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    6 years ago

    Omg your such a great drawer


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    Ha thanks!! If you want me to put a particular drawing instructable up I will :) just say sooo

    aqua 12
    aqua 12

    6 years ago

    Cool your a great drawer!