How to Draw the Instructables Robot




First thing you do is go online and download the free app Kid Paint onto your iPad. Then with your stylus choose the black paint button. Then draw the basic outline of the robot that you see at the top of the Instructables Home page. Then you can draw the wheels, which i made bigger becuz i want him to be able to go over big rocks and stuff. Then go ahead and draw in the arms, making them as machine-like as possible so that he can do many creative tasks. Next comes the antennas, face parts and all the gizmos on his control panel. Make lots of these as we want him to be totally, well, instructable, meaning you can get him to do anything you want. Okay. Almost done. Now go back to the color picker on Kid Paint and click on the medium yellow. Then click on the paint bucket icon and by clicking inside the robots body parts you can instantly fill them with the beautiful golden hew. That is my favorite part right there. So fulfilling. Choose other colors for the different parts and then you are done. Oh, but then you should email your drawing to the Instructbles Staff Art Pickers so they can have a contest for their NEW LOGO!! Yeh.



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