How to Draw Warrior Cats




Introduction: How to Draw Warrior Cats

Step 1: What U Need

For This Drawing, you will need:
1 Pencil
1 Eraser
1 Sharpener
5 Different Coloured Highlighters(Green,Blue,Pink,Orange,and Yellow)
1 Thin Black Sharpie
1 Piece of Any Kind of Paper

Step 2: Starting to Draw the Body

Start at the right end of your paper. Draw a line going to the left. Then, about 2 inches draw another line going to the left. Draw two kind arms. Then draw the paws. Leave room for the head!

Step 3: Drawing the Head

Draw a circle,then, drawn a little half circle attached to it. Erase the line separating the head from the body. Also erase the line between to half circle and the head. Now u got a snout! On the end of the snout draw a nose. To draw the nose, just draw a circle. Then draw a mouth. Now you can draw hair! To draw the hair, start on the face. Start drawing a triangular line. Draw it on his face. When u draw this add ears afterwards.

Step 4: Colouring the Cat

Trace the lines with the sharpie. Colour the hair and nose with the sharpie. Afterwards trace the outside of the cat with a highlighter.then all around the paper use all the highlighters draw a bunch of different coloured lines. AND THERE'S YOUR WARRIOR CAT!

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