How to Draw Yourself or Other People As Simpson Charakter




About: i'm a little artist... :B

draw your OWN(!) Simpson without many work!in only 15 minutes! (sorry english not so good, i'm German)

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Step 1: Find a Picture

make them first from the person a photo from the head of slightly lateral position or find them as one! (so it should look like)

Step 2: Find Pogram

find a good pogram (with layers) and copy the picture in the pogram. (i have autodesk sketchbook for tablets)

Step 3: Make the Image Brighter

Step 4: Now Draw in a Other Layer the Picture in Comic Style (Bigger Eyes Big Nose Freaky Mouth E.t.c)

don t forgot to draw not "ON" the picture

Step 5: Color!

color it and make shades and set background (yellow Skin!!!dont forget, you are a Simpson!)

Step 6: Little Shades and Better Color....

Step 7: Dadaaaaaaa!

here is it! your simpson!

Step 8:

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