How to Draw a Desperado Vegetable



Introduction: How to Draw a Desperado Vegetable

The Desperado Vegetable is an easy drawing that is very satisfying to look at.
To get an adea of what i am talking about, just look at the picture.
For This instructable, you wil need:
A Sharp Pencil
A Clean Printer Paper
And Enstusiasim.
Now Follow me into the next step and learn how to draw the Desperado Vegetable!

Step 1: Draw the Eyes and Add the "hair"

Using a sharp pencil, lightly draw the 2 eyes. Just draw two slightly curved lines, and connect them.Now for the "hair". To draw that, just make a series of "sickle shapes going over each other. To simplify things, just look at the picture!

Step 2: Draw the Body, the Nose and Sunburn Marks

For the body just draw 2 lines, tapering torwards each other. Connect them with a slightly curved line. The nose is just a capital L, and the sunburn marks are squiggly marks under the eyes. Look at the picture for clarification.

Step 3: Drawing the Bandanna

To draw the bandanna, make two parrel lines, like this, and shade it in. Then, draw a triangle under it like this. Don't press to hard or you won't be able to erase if you make a mistake!

Step 4: Draw the Limbs and the Boots

This step is pretty much self explanatory, but to draw the limbs, make 2 lines where each arm should be. The same for the legs. To draw the boots, draw a line where you want the boot to start, and create a foot shape. Do this for both legs. For the spurs, just draw small stars at the back of the boots.

Step 5: Give Your Vegetable Some Fingers!

Draw the thumb facing the vegetable, then draw 3 fingers.(it does not look very cartoonish if you put more than that.) For the bannana guns, draw a short line, about 1 centimeter out each side where you drew the starting line for the bandanna.

Step 6: Finish Everything Up

For this to look complete, you need to draw a tumbleweed rolling past him, with a cactus on his left side. But first, you must draw the floor. This is easy. Just sketch a line where the line and feet touch, and a little farther. To draw the tumble weed, just make one curved line with another curved line, in a different direction. Be a little random with this, because that is how tumbleweeds are. To draw the cactus, lighly draw two not-very-straight lines and draw where you think the arms should be. the line where you did not erase becomes a row of needles. Add more 'needles', and you are done! You can also add pupils for the eyes. Oh, and by the way, please show your drawings in the commets. I WANT TO SEE THEM!!!!

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    4 years ago

    i Would show mine but I dont have a camera on my tablet :( but mine looks exactly like yours This is awesome!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    LOL I thought this was a drawing of twinkie the kid


    10 years ago on Step 6

    nice instructions! fun thing to draw thanks.