How to Dribble a Basketball With Your Knees

Introduction: How to Dribble a Basketball With Your Knees

Do you want to learn how to make a basketball fun instead of dribbling with your hands? It even works if there is not a basketball court around.You can dribble with your knees but you will need practice.Theres a lot of stuff you can't do with a basketball but this is one skill I think you will want.

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Step 1: The Items You Will Need

The items you will need are grippy shoes and gym clothes.You will also need a basketball for this lesson.Do not wear boots for this lesson.You can get hurt if you don't wear the right Kind of shoes for this lesson.

Step 2: Making Sure You Have the Right Items

First, make sure you have the right items or ingredients for this lesson.If you do got all the items then we are ready to start off the steps one by one.

Step 3: The Second Step

Second, place the basketball firmly in front of you and not above your waist because that will set off a fail.Drop the ball and let the ball bounce once but do not let the basketball bounce past your waist.

Step 4: The Third Step

Next, keep a knee out or open an be ready to start dribbling.You have to be ready at all times this lesson will go fast and very quickly.

Step 5: The Last Step

Last, walk with the basketball while dribbling with your knees but you should be dribbling at step three but don't let the ball get out of control or let it hit the tip of your foot or it will bounce off but mainly don't let the ball bounce past your waist. That is how to dribble a basketball with your knees.

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    This is good information, could you swap out your pictures for original images that you make, instead of using images from other websites?