How to Drill a Hole Using a Nail

Introduction: How to Drill a Hole Using a Nail

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Step 1: Gathering Suppleys

For this instructable you will need a drill a nail and a desired piece of wood to drill into

Step 2: Setting Up

Place the nail in the chuck of the drill them tighten the chuck

Step 3: Drilling

Place the wood over a hole or another piece of wood the put the nail where you want the hole drilled and start to drill

Step 4: Finished

You have now successfully finished drilling a hole through a piece of wood using a nail. Thank you for reading and remember to vote

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    3 years ago

    Bogus. Nails obviously don't fit well in a drill chuck or line up the nail axis with the drill axis if you get the head into the chuck. Why does someone make the effort to make an Instructable, but make no effort to explain the non-obvious elements?