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Step 1: Downloading the App

First of all you have to download an app which i think is one of the best editing apps its called (pics art).... Also i would like to give a big big shoutout to assassin dude as he is the one who showed me this app so go and sub to him he's really awsome!

Step 2: Home Page

This is what you will see when you first open up this app to edit photos click the middle symbol at the bottom

Step 3: Choosing?

After step 2 this will pop up of corse to edit your photos press edit the other options (draw,collage and capture) i will run through that in a later instructable but for the time being lets focus ob editing

Step 4: Your Pick

You can pick where you want to get your photos from. (Facebook,google+ ect...

Step 5: Border

Choosing a border can sometimes be hard but there is one specific border line which i like. The inner border i usually put as 8 the outer border as 10 and the opacity either full (255) or put it as small but with a good effect (89)

Step 6: Effects

For the colour i usually use something like "light cross" or "warm colour" both of these give your pic a nice sort of warm light colour almost a vintage type colour

Step 7: Frame

If you wanna have some fun with the frame around your pic then theres plenty of fun bubbly frames to choose from

Step 8: Clipart

Theres a lot of clipart to choose from but ill let you explore all of them for yourself

Step 9: "Lense Flare"

The Lense flares as they're called are very useful for photos in the sunshine or when you've taken a pic from behind a window

Step 10: Crop

This is the cropping you just highlight where you would like to crop and it takes it out in the blink of an eye if you have another editing app or just any old app you would like help with just leave a comment an i guarantee that ill answer In 24 hours



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