How to Entertain Your Dog With a Laser While You're Away

Introduction: How to Entertain Your Dog With a Laser While You're Away

In this instructable, you will make a spinning laser, similar to those expensive laser dog toys, by attaching a laser to a pen.
It's great fun for any dog/pet!

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Step 1: Materials

You will need:

-1 class IIIA or below Laser (you can pick one up at RadioShack)

-1 plastic cd/dvd drive (or other suitable body with properly sized holes)



-And of course Laser Safety Goggles rated for your laser's bandwidth

Step 2: Laser Safety

Wear laser safety goggles at all times.
Never shine a laser directly into your eyes as this presents risk for permanent retina damage.
Some medications may increase this risk.
Brief exposure to the beam from a class IIIA or lower laser will not likely result in permanent damage.
Use laser safety goggles rated for your laser's bandwidth.
Make sure that all lab participants wear there protective eyewear!

Step 3: Connect the Laser to the Plastic CD Drive

The cd drive I used had holes that were perfectly sized to allow the laser to fit snugly. Depending on the diameters of your cd drive and laser this step may be very easy or may require additional steps/materials.

Step 4: Wrap Rubberband Tightly Around Laser

As the title says, wrap a small rubberband around the laser's 'on' button a few times for greatest tightness. The laser will be revolving quite quickly so it's important that the rubberband is wrapped tightly.

Step 5: Attach to Fan

Using the clips, attach what you have so far in some way to an overhead fan. You may have to use additional clips or rubberbands.

Step 6: Test It Out

Turn on the overhead fan. If you have speed control, set it to the lowest level and work up from there. You don't want your laser to be sent flying.
Now you've got a functional spinning laser toy for your pet!

Here's my test

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    8 years ago on Step 6

    If you're gonna post a video in your instructable, shouldn't it be a public video, not a private one? I'm sure this must be an oversight..


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Nice article, I'm sure this will will entertain pets forever. However, others may want to read the following couple articles, as laser pointers have been known to cause such things:

    I learned this when my dog began acting very strange after playing with the laser pointer. Fortunately she stopped this behavior after a few months, but it's something to be knowledgeable of...