How to : Explain Everything

Introduction: How to : Explain Everything

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- space

- time

Step 1: Observe Everything

Everything is moving; whether expanding, contracting, or along a vector or wave - so far as is known, stillness is only relative.

Step 2: Describe Movement

Movement is the displacement of a specific space with a specific time through relative space across relative time.

Step 3: Relate Space and Time

The general consensus seems to be that space and time are of the same substance and yet each is observed distinctly, space in meters and time in seconds, so each must carry a unique value in relation to the other.

Certain assumptions must be made to find those values.

Step 4: Assume (Hypothesize)

Hypothesis 1 - Everything that exists is the result of the interactions of relative spaces and times. That there is any interaction at all between two entities of identical substance points to the distinct value of each as they relate one to another as the catalyst for existence.

Hypothesis 2 - Positive and negative charge are an effect of specific mass (as not all particles carry charge - only those of specific masses).

Step 5: Equate Space and Time

The assumption that charge is a function of specific mass allows for the consolidation of mass and charge and the reconciliation of ALL PHYSICAL CONSTANTS (everything) under a single equation defining the relationship of space (m) to time (s):

s^3 = m^4

Step 6: Explain Everything in Terms of Space-Time

Thank you - enjoy!

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