How to Fall Asleep

Introduction: How to Fall Asleep

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Step 1: Clothes / Pjs

Listen u know that some people wear pjs to bed I do think it helps you fall asleep when you wear them!! Don't have pjs? Then wear comfy clothes and it doesn't matter what it is I mean you will be sleeping and no one is going to see you!!!!!!

Step 2: Pets

If you feel okay with a dog or a cat sleeping with you then GO FOR IT!! I mean It helps me! {••}

Step 3: Read!!

Just read it helps you get your energy out I mean instead of running all around your house (and then your guardian yelling and you) just read!!

Step 4: Blankets

Have the right blankets!!!!!!!!!! If its cold use a thick blanket if its hot then use a thin one

Step 5: Bye

These are ALL my own opinion and I was not paid to make this! Hope I helped bye!!;)

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