How to Feel Energy in Under a Minute!




Introduction: How to Feel Energy in Under a Minute!

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If you want to feel energy this very, very simple guide will show you exactly how.

Everyone can do this, as long as you have a pair of hands and determination.

Once you get the hang of it, you'll be able to do this wherever you are.

Good Luck and let the energy flow......



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    At 1:05 there's a "slight tingling, slight heat, magnetic sensation" mentioned.

    Slight tingling can be felt anywhere on the body if you focus long enough, so that's purely on a psychological level.
    You're not rubbing your hands together, so no heat is created from doing this.
    The heat you're feeling is therefore also psychological, unless you have a fever.
    Hands aren't magnetic. Sorry to say this, but it's all in your head.

    And what kind of energy are you attributing this to?
    Light? Momentum?
    Just calling something "energy" isn't good enough.

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    Nit every form of energy has been discovered, we are far behind on science but we do know that the human body is surrounded by an Oval of energy, also the earth has energy, the magnetic poles on the earth tell birds where to tlock, tells some animals that an earthwuake is coming, and basically it keeps us all functionung correctly, thats why when there is an EMP or something that disrupts earths magnetic fid, birds fall from the sky, whales wash up on the beach, Life is energy. Written in ancient egyotian hyroglyph shows humans have capabulities beyond our beiefs, but now adays that belief is being suppressed, purposely? Maybe to controll us better idk but there is alot about the human body and energy thatbwe have yet to discover

    You are right, it is psychological, it is pure will power, the fact that it is called energy is because our body can generate forms of it, electrical, heat, kinetic, potential, we are energy, the kind of energy this person is generating is heat, not caused by a fever (cold hands happen when you have a fever) but yet, cold hands still produce energy, just different feelings.


    Simple low-level hypnotic suggestion - no genuine energy involved.

    Fine to use as a calming or focussing exercise, as long as you don't fall for the woowoo side of of things.

    Ha, if he really was "sending energy" to all the viewers, he'd be a dried corpse by now - energy cannot be created, it has to come from somewhere.

    We can do without the advert all the way through as well, thankyou.

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    Science does not know everything if u did then you wouldnt have to keep solving problems to find answers to only start solving the answers to find the problem keep going in your circle of confusion

    True, there are some finer details to work out, but basic arithmetic is not one of them - the "sender" has a fixed, finite amount of energy stored within his or her body - if some of that energy is transferred to another person, then the send has less energy.

    Small technical point: the only mechanism human beings have for absorbing energy is by consumption. If the audience really were to get energy from the "sender", they would have to eat him.

    Funny that since I have no idea of how to do hypnosis. Also, for someone who obviously has no idea about how energy works, it's funny that you should assume I would be a dried corpse. And you are right the energy is not corrected, you are merely feeling the energy that surrounds us!

    ... someone who obviously has no idea about how energy works ...

    Of course not. Since you feel able to make such statements, you obviously know everything about me. Including the fact that I am a Science teacher, with an occasional hobby of debunking woowoo claims.

    Maybe you don't recognise what you are doing, but asking people to to focus on feeling things that are not there, experiencing sensations that cannot possibly happen (such as magnetic attraction between the hands, "energy" being "sent") and repeating the instructions, urging them to focus until they do experience the sensations - all of that is classic (not "stage") hypnosis, and will render a willing subject into quite a suggestive state.

    Yes a statement that was a bit harsh, since you are correct I do not know everything about you. However the fact you are a science teacher does not change the fact people CAN feel energy. I did not say you would physically be creating a magnetic field, I said it would feel like a magnetic sensation or an elastic band. A magnetic sensation either repels or attracts, dependent upon the magnets polarities, this does both with regards to distance from one another. Like every scientific discovery over the years it wasn't thought possible until it was discovered, otherwise it cannot be classified as a discovery. I understand your a skeptic and with your scientific knowledge and this seems impossible, but this is one of those things science is yet to get around to discovering, and with such a resistance to the contemplation of it even existing, it may take longer than it otherwise would have to discover. Please feel free to say what you wish about this supposedly not being true, I feel no need to argue with what I know to be fact (first hand experience), one day you may realise the comments you came out with today are infact incorrect. until then I wish you the best of luck. Oh and for those still concerned that this is hypnosis, when you finally manage to feel the energy, and go somewhere else from the computer and see if you can still feel it. Infact try doing this another time by yourself, without the video and see what happens. Regards Andreas

    for some reason i can only feel the repulsion, but not the attraction

    There are many other explanations as well. One could say that it were completely psychological. If you think it will happen it will, if you don't, it won't. Always question observations before coming to any conclusion(s). Maybe start by firstly questioning your concept of "energy" because some physicists would probably disagree with this idea. After that, you can rename your 'energy' healing group to give it a more a more accurate title. (maybe something along the lines of "hypnotic cure for psychosomatic diseases"

    Do you know that the body uses various types of levers to move? When you extend and retract your arm, there isn't just one muscle contracting. If that were the case, we could not control the speed of our movements (unless we had better control of ionic reactions in the muscles but thats complicated). Instead, the levers in our bodies are balanced by a push and pull force (two muscles). These muscles oppose each other, so, for example, when we bend our elbow to extend our arm, the extending muscles contract more than the flexing muscles. Of these two forces, the one using more energy will tire faster, letting the other force pull or push. More briefly, when your arm gets tired of extending, it retracts -vice vesra.

    Does meditating help build up energy in your body and able to feel energy surge.

    Yeah try holding your arms at your sides and pressing your hands into a doorway for a minute. same effect when you walk out. This isnt magic.

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    i assume you mean when you stand in a doorway, holding your arms straight and pushing against the sides of the door frame for about a minute then stand outside the doorway and your arms rise... this is entirely different. your arms rise because of increased blood flow and flow of the body's natural chemicals (i'm not a biologist so i couldn't tell you which) which mean that your arm muscles responsible for raising your arms are more 'ready for action'. this means that they raise without you conciously raising them. the energy between your hands is imaginary.

    Because what doorway are you pushing against for this? No props. You are absolutely correct it's not magic, it's like being able to tell the difference between hot and cold. It's just something that we can all do, though we have been led to believe otherwise, but hey you obviously know this is not possible without even trying. Ow and don't forget whatever excuse you put down to possibly being able to feel something whilst watching the video, stop and try and do it without the video, what reason do you have for continuing to be able to feel something? Maybe the wind?