How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft PE




Introduction: How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft PE

Step 1:

Dig down to bedrock. Look to the side and dig to the deepest you can. The deepest is level one. Then dig up to level 10.

Step 2:

Strip search for diamonds. You have to be patient though. It takes time.

Step 3:

Please no negative comments please!:)



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    It is the same only you can go 28 levels instead of 5-12

    Tip. If you are lloking for diamonds, go into a cave and find lava. Find lava/ find lots of ores. Warning/carful of monsters and dont fall in the lava. There are hoards of mobs the deeper you go. Find a lava flow on the surface and dig there. There wont be diamonds but there is redstone gold and iron

    How can tell when you're on level 10??

    The best and top8 things in the world Top 8 biggest diamond in the world (

    Why you ask for no negative comments not everyone is has to like it

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    oh my muffins!!!!!! i found 8 diamonds at level ten on my first strip mine!!!!!