How To-Fishtail Bracelet!

Introduction: How To-Fishtail Bracelet!

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Learn how to make a cute fishtail bracelet out of rubber bands !

Step 1: Supplies

-loom or two pencils
-rubber bands
-s clip

Step 2: Figure 8

1st-make a figure 8 shape on to your loom or two pencils

Step 3: Fishtail

Add 2 more rubber bands

Step 4: Hook Your Rubber Bands

Now it's time to hook your rubber bands hook the bottom black band over to the top.

Step 5: Fish Tailing

Put one rubber band over it and hook do this process over and over

Step 6: Finished Bracelet

When your done hook all your rubber bands until there's one left get your s clip and hook them together
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